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Adventure Travel to
Compete in Destination Races

That feeling you get when you’ve conquered a personal challenge alongside new friends in an unforgettable location. That’s what we’re after and that’s what you’ll experience on your next adventure with Open World Racing.


We take you to places you’ve been looking for a reason to visit through race centered trips, adventure activities, intercultural experiences, and environmentally focused service projects.


Immersive, active, hands-on travel is not for everyone. You will push yourself, sometimes going beyond your comfort zone. But through this, you will develop a deep and lasting relationship with a new place and new people.


By running through the streets and hiking through the mountains, you’ll see places normally reserved for the locals. You’ll explore and grow on our small group trips.


We are dedicated to leaving a positive mark on the places we visit through our actions and deeds. You will leave a positive impact traveling with us.

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Triathlon and Adventures
in Croatia

Join us in Croatia April 19-28, 2020 for a triathlon on the beautiful Island of Korčula - you’ll swim through crystal clear water, bike around a stunning coastline, and run through the old town’s fortress walls. You’ll accompany your adventure with a slice of history and culture, kayaking and hiking excursions, plenty of Mediterranean food and wine, and a SCUBA assisted ocean cleanup to give back. Click here to learn more.

Krakow and Zakopane
Half Marathon and Exploration

Join us in Kraków and Zakopane, Poland from October 11-19, 2019 to experience, explore, race, and give back. We’ll race in the Royal Krakow Half Marathon and immerse ourselves in the city’s rich culture, explore wild and mountainous Zakopane, and help clean up the Tatra National Park on a hiking adventure.

Find Your Adventure
in Colombia

We just returned from an awesome adventure to Colombia. We danced salsa, witnessed Medellin’s cultural renaissance, raced in a challenging triathlon, and had fresh coffee at the source.

Check Back for More Details on Our 2020 Trip Soon



Gillian T.

The memories of my trip to Colombia will stay with me for a very long time. I didn’t know much about the country or what to expect, putting my full faith in my tour guides, and was continually impressed by this amazing country (and the tour guides!).

Everyday was a new and different adventure: from city and countryside walking tours, to salsa dancing, hiking and planting trees in Parque Arvi, trying all the local foods, being welcomed into the home of a local coffee farmer, the thrill of playing the indigenous (and very explosive!) game of Tejo, and a challenging yet top notch triathlon of course!

Every step of the way Andrew, Steve and Julian chose the most interesting and vibrant things to do, places to visit and local, knowledgeable guides. They were always willing to give tips and advice, particularly when I wanted to practice expanding my limited language skills. They also provided free time so we could wander the towns to soak in the atmosphere, sip some coffee or wine and do some shopping. And it all came together smoothly for a stress-free trip.

Adventure, culture, coffee and food - what else could you ask for really?! I can’t stop raving about Colombia and this brilliant tour!


Marianne Sharp

This trip was everything I could have asked for and then so very much more. Open World Racing kept the travelers motivated through their training and went above and beyond when assisting us with packing and racing tips.

As a former college swimmer, I wanted to challenge myself with my first triathlon and took comfort in knowing I would take on the race with a seasoned coach and sought adventure pursuing the athletic adventure in a foreign country.

Once we landed in Croatia, Open World Racing delivered an exceptional adventure. Each day we saw the beauty the country has to offer combined with keeping up with remaining active. It has truly transformed how I want to travel in the future. Most importantly, Open World Racing ensured everything was in place for the race leaving no room for concerns on race day.

The encouragement and positive support from fellow triathletes was inspiring. I cannot wait to travel with Open World Racing for years to come. T hey truly offer a personalized athletic travel opportunity that allows you to see the world and embrace your adventurous nature.