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Destination Races + Adventure + Intercultural Experiences + Service

We take you to places you’ve been looking for a reason to visit through race centered trips, adventure activities, intercultural experiences, and environmentally focused service projects.

Immersive, active, hands-on travel is not for everyone. You will push yourself, sometimes going beyond your comfort zone. But through this, you will develop a deep and lasting relationship with a new place and new people.

Our race and adventure trips will allow you a vantage point into a region and culture that you might not otherwise see. By running through the streets and hiking the mountains, you’ll see places normally reserved for the locals. You’ll explore and grow on our small group trips.

We are dedicated to leaving a positive mark on the places we visit through our actions and deeds. You will leave a positive impact traveling with us.

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Upcoming Adventures

Triathlon and Adventures

Join us April 21-28, 2019 to race in the Marco Polo Challenge Triathlon Festival, enjoy plenty of wine and Dalmatian Coast cuisine, help cleanup Korčula Bay with the local SCUBA club, and explore the island's many bays and inlets kayaking and swimming.


Krakow and Zakopane Race and Adventures

More information on our 2019 trip coming soon!

Guatape Triathlon and Medellin

We’ll explore Medellin, Guatape, and Santa Fe de Antioquia from June 29 - July 8 to see the incredible social transformation that has taken place, explore a coffee farm, enjoy Colombian style horseback riding, learn to salsa like the locals, and savor plenty of bandeja paisa. Oh, and we’ll race in a triathlon while we’re down there!