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We are a community of adventure and fitness minded souls exploring amazing races around the world, challenging ourselves, learning about new communities, and giving back. 

We believe in an active and healthy lifestyle and love getting to know a new place by getting our hands dirty.  In our travels, we have found a welcoming global community and have bonded with new friends all over the world through exciting local races - we call it our global racing community.  


We thrive on the excitement of exploring a new place by running through the streets and wild areas, swimming in the waters, hiking for the best views, and feeling the wind on our faces as we bike along the coastlines. 


We love races of all difficulties and types - marathons, half-marathons, and 10ks - sprint, Olympic, and half-Ironman distance triathlons - 10 through 170km trail races - and more. 


 Open World Racing offers you an opportunity to join our global racing community, challenge yourself, and explore new places with new friends.  What are you waiting for? 


Andy Riedy
Founder, Coach, Trip Guide

Andy loves to guide adventure-seeking groups on amazing trips.  He also loves to race in pretty much any event.  He's completed all triathlon distances, a few marathons, and a couple ultras at the 50 and 60k distances.  He is a certified USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach, a former U.S. Marine, and thrives on bringing people together through their common love of racing and adventure.

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Katie Boyts

Marketing Partner

Katie’s triathlon experience is limited to the one she completed at age 12, where she literally came in dead last.  Nonetheless she continues to be deeply interested in how people can connect through movement and transformative experiences like travel. She brings her expertise in business development and creative content marketing, particularly in video.

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We're dedicated to leaving a positive mark on the places we visit through intercultural experiences and environmentally focused service projects. You will leave a positive impact traveling with us. 

By running through the streets and hiking through the mountains, you’ll see places normally reserved for the locals. 

Immersive, active, hands-on travel is not for everyone. You will push yourself, sometimes going beyond your comfort zone. But through this, you will develop a deep and lasting relationship with a new place and new people.

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Welcome to the team!

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