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Crushing Life Goals in Croatia

Croatia 2019 was nothing short of life changing.  Three first time triathletes set a goal, made a commitment to prepare themselves through training, and delivered impressive performances in the face of adverse race-day weather conditions and with a spirit and sense of camaraderie that was inspiring.  We are proud to call them fellow adventures, teammates, and triathletes.  But make no mistake, our April trip to Croatia wasn’t all sweat and training.  We indulged on oysters and delectable seafood at every turn, tasted plenty of indigenous wine, and explored hidden beaches along Korčula island’s vast coast. 

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Taking the Plunge from the Pool to Open Water

“I would do triathlons but swimming in open water terrifies me.”  This is the most common explanation I’ve heard from friends and strangers who seem perfectly poised to excel in tris.  I get it — especially for the “Jaws” generation, open water is daunting.  But once you embrace the darkness and churn, open water swimming can be the biggest thrill of a tri.

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