Explore and Race in Epic Iceland



with Kevin Irish

June 21-28, 2020


Come explore Iceland and race in Reykjavik’s annual Summer Solstice Half Marathon, visit historical Thingvellir National Park, snorkel between continental plates in the Silfra Fissure, bask in natural hot springs, run trails in epic Thorsmork, and lend your labor helping to reforest this windswept island.

Are you up for a challenge? 

Explore Iceland's Geological Wonders

We’ll snorkel through some of the clearest water on Earth in the Siflra fissure separating the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, soak in the natural hot river, and visit majestic Gulfoss falls. We’ll venture off-road 4x4 style through Glacial rivers to run Thorsmork National Park’s rugged and black soil trails, then we’ll stay two nights in the park’s unique huts tucked away deep in the valley.


Under the Midnight Sun

We’ll race in Reykjavik’s Summer Solstice Half Marathon under the midnight sun along the salmon river Ellidaa and Lake Raudavatn. You don’t have to run the whole half marathon - there are 5 and 10km options. From Reykjavik we’ll set out to sea in search of Humpback and other whales which feed just outside of the the capital city’s harbor.

Reforesting and Soaking it up

We’ll head to Þorlakshofn in Southern Iceland and contribute to the restoration of the land by planting trees in a wind swept park. Iceland is undertaking a massive reforestation effort to reclaim an environmental heritage which once saw about 25% of the land forested. Iceland lost most of its trees about a thousand years ago when the Vikings razed the forests to clear pasture and farming land and build ships. In what the NY Times calls a seemingly endless task, we’ll help combat climate change, prevent soil erosion, and leave a positive impact on the local community.


In Reykjavik we will spend several nights in the heart of the downtown with plenty of activities nearby to occupy your free time, not that you'll have too much.  We won't be in Reykjavik long, venturing out to Thorsmork National Park to spend the night glamping under the stars in a valley alongside glacial streams and with incredible views of the surrounding peaks.  We will also spend a night at the Frost and Fire, a boutique Nordic style hotel alongside the Varma River. 

Born in Delaware and a current resident of DC, Kevin likes to run fast and travel slow. He holds a NOLS Wilderness First Aid certificate and his last three trips were to Patagonia, Yosemite, and Banff. His ideal vacation includes a hike, a food tour, and an opportunity to give back to the communities he visits. Oh, and ice cream.


Kevin Irish

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