About Us


Andrew Riedy

Adventurer and outdoor athlete, U.S. Marine, and diplomat, Andrew conceptualized OWR as a means to bring people together through their common love of racing. He thrives on the energy of races and new adventures and is excited to help others discover new places and meet new friends.


Elise Crane

Colorado native, Elise has long combined her dual loves of racing and travel. A lifelong swimmer and avid triathlete, she has competed in races throughout the United States, Africa, Latin America, and Europe.


Katie Boyts

Katie’s triathlon experience is limited to the one she completed at age 12, where she literally came in dead last. Nonetheless she continues to be deeply interested in how people can connect through movement and transformative experiences like travel. She brings her expertise in business development and creative content marketing, particularly in video.


Jill Diedrich

Born and raised in the Heartland of Ohio, Jill took her curiosity to the hustle of NYC where she was VP of Insider LLC, a lifestyle consulting agency. She is a world traveler and avid outdoorswoman with an appetite for adventure. Jill is eager to apply her experience and help spread the Open World Racing word and mission far and wide!

We are athletes, diplomats, and veterans committed to opening the world and connecting people through adventure travel and destination races.  

We've competed in numerous racing events at home and around the world, from Uganda to Colombia, and have found in them a way to connect with the larger racing community. While we most often compete in triathlons, we also run, swim, and bike independently, and some of us are looking for an opportunity to jump into the booming trail racing circuit. Open World Racing offers you an opportunity to compete in off-the-beaten-path organized racing events, accompanied by unique cultural immersions, service projects, and adventure activities tailored to the locale. 

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